2016-03-31 Calendar of Aspects

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 14 (W14)

Moon (Capricorn) squares Sun (Aries) and fourth quarter begins.  The next week of cleaning out begins in earnest although some acquisitions can be had since sellers will tend to have an advantage over buyers.  Try to stick with practical purchases and the Moon will favor you.

2016-03-31 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Mercury conjoins Uranus and brings surprises and possibly powerful insights.  This is a great day for writers and communicators and similar creatives that work with words and messages.  However, transportation “surprises” (problems) can occur also.

Moon trines Jupiter (Virgo) and joins Pluto (Capricorn) in the latter part of the day (which tends to mostly feel benevolent if sometimes a bit too serious).

Vesta quadrinoviles the North Node (Karma, “Rahu” in Vedic astrology) and you can learn an important insight, lesson, or skill by examining your traditions (or the traditions of others) and how they are performed.  As is true with all quadrinoviles, the insight or skill may seem trivial at the time and you may not notice it or pass it by unless you make the effort to capture it and own it.  But, in the future, it will prove to be important.  This could be true as early as tomorrow, after you have “slept on it,” and a Saturn BiQuintile (power insights, sometimes genius level) opens another window (which may require you to give up or let go of something to progress).