Solar Eclipse of September 1st 2016


Solar Eclipse of September 1st 2016

This particular eclipse is personal for reasons I do not wish to disclose on the open internet.  I thought about NOT writing about it and just leaving the 2016 New Moons page and the writings of others (reblogs) as my proxy.

But, I changed my mind.  And then I found a body of work I had produced on this eclipse a few weeks ago.  No written work, mind you, but chart graphics from the time when I developed my analysis of the rather important Grand Quintile of August 28th.  That confirmed for me that I needed to put up what I had done in a post.

This Grand Quintile period we are in, from August 28th until September 11th, is particularly rare.  If you check the Grand Quintiles from 1800 to 2050 page, you will find most of them last a few hours…

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Solar Eclipse of September 1st 2016

Sun Opposite Neptune 2016-09-02 (Kite + Yod + TH)


Sun Opposite Neptune 2016-09-02 (Kite + Yod + TH)

If you kept your notes from Sun Conjunct Neptune on February 28th, then review them now.  This is another day that is best for poets and photographers.  We have a Yod in play, so you may need to make a decision at a time when your decision making is not at its best.  A Thor’s Hammer is in play, so you need to watch your temper and watch for others that might be dangerous.  But a Kite is also in play, and an opportunity is present.  Keep your eyes open lest it pass you by unnoticed.

Here is the chart for perfection of the aspect, filtered for the kite:

2016-09-02 Sun Opposite Neptune (Kite + Yod + TH)

[Click to Enlarge]

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Sun Opposite Neptune 2016-09-02 (Kite + Yod + TH)

Grand Quintile of August 28, 2016


As we have written elsewhere, we are entering an amazing window of time.  Here is the basic chart for the Grand Quintile of August 28, 2016, filtered for the Grand Quintile:

Grand Quintile 1 2016-08-28 (prior to Solar Eclipse)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is what we have written about this window of time that begins with this pattern:

We are at the edge of entering a truly amazing period of time that starts “about now” (late Leo, circa August 15th and points forward) until some time in late September, possibly “about’ the change of seasons at the Fall Equinox.  Here is why it is amazing:

  1. A Grand Quintile forms on August 28th.  These are even more rare than the Mystic Rectangles we encountered a few weeks ago.  By itself, that would be enough, but….
  2. Mercury stations retrograde on August 30th (and, as of August 15th, we are in the “shadow” of the retrograde where we are…

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Grand Quintile of August 28, 2016

2016-08 W36: Forecasts for Week 36 of 2016

Weekly Forecasts

2016-08 W36: Forecasts for Week 36 of 2016


August ends this week and September begins.  Labor Day has not yet arrived, yet we more fully feel that Summer is over.  Sunday is mostly quiet though we do have the karmic Venus triseptile Uranus.  Venus also forms a quintile to Saturn, and brilliant insights can be had about practical matters.  The Moon is waning and headed toward the New Moon on Saturday.  Monday Venus enters Libra, and relationships become particularly important.  If we had wild sex last week with someone new, then it is time to make a decision whether or not we are willing to publicly acknowledge that romance.  Mars squares the North Node, and karma is in play (meaning we will reap what we have sewn).  Mercury joins Venus, and chatter about relationships and romance are amplified.  Mercury finally makes the Retrograde station on Tuesday, and we have…

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2016-08 W36: Forecasts for Week 36 of 2016

AlchemyAstrology: 24-26 August 2016, Wednesday-Friday, Passive

Alchemy Astrology

Moon in Taurus, laboratory process of Congelationemotionally stable

If you find an affinity for any of these statements it’s good to know what’s ‘in the air’.

A good time to: decide which thoughts, or what methods, bring (or will bring) you the most fortunate circumstances in your life – or at least this week.

Challenges: Remaining alert to how expressing yourself is worth the risk of creating an unstable situation.

Balance: Let go of struggles by trying to see the purpose, or the reasons, behind them. Fly a kite, blow bubbles, feel the wind in your face, do something airy that will help you relax.

Sidereal astrology, from an individual viewpoint:

Sun in Leo – persistent, organizing = self-expressive
Moon in Taurus – changes, decisive = emotionally stable
Mercury in Virgo – mental, analyzing = methodical
Venus in Leo – pleasant, organizing…

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AlchemyAstrology: 24-26 August 2016, Wednesday-Friday, Passive