2016-04-01 Calendar of Aspects

2016-04-01 Calendar of Aspects

April 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 14 (W14)

The early hours are tough for most people who are up at that time, but they can also bring inspirations to writers and other communicators.  Harness the window if you can; it is fleeting.  Moon turns void at 11:39 AM CDT and remains void for most of the reset of the day (until Moon enters 8:37 PM CDT).

Today is “April Fools Day” for those who celebrate such thing, so watch out for Uranian / Plutonian “holiday” surprises.

2016-04-01 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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We note five (5!) Mercury aspects, and noting that Mercury rules tricksters, jesters, thieves, and liars, do be extra careful regarding these kinds of surprises.  But, again, writers and communicators will likely thrive today.  Today is an unusually strong window for writers and communicators (maybe the strongest this year).

Mars Novile Pluto brings important lessons (especially for police and intelligent agents and any similar Martians), and Mercury Novile Neptune brings the same “poets, priests, and politicians” (who, as Sting pointed out, “have words to thank for their positions“).

Saturn BiQuintile Vesta insists that we take a look at our traditions and “why we do them.”  Some things need to stay and others need to go.  By today you should have some idea what those are and should act on them accordingly.



2016-04-01 Calendar of Aspects

2016-03-31 Mercury Conjunct Uranus (Kite + Hele + Mystic Rectangle)


2016-03-31 Mercury Conjunct Uranus (Kite + Hele + Mystic Rectangle)

This is the kind of day that will pass you by in the blink of an eye if you do not take a moment to capture the insights and images that present themselves.  Camera, video recorder, cell phone, notepad, and whatever can benefit you greatly when you see that one fleeting moment that you may never see again.  Today is all about insights, powerful insights, and the patterns here tell us that “somebody” can benefit greatly from them.

Surprises and accidents can happen as well.  Be on top of what can be learned from them.

The obvious source of the benefit is a “kite” pattern in play, and we show perfection of Mercury Conjunct Uranus (Aries) filtered for that pattern:

2016-03-31 Mercury Conjunct Uranus (Kite)

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The key issue here is one of trust (Juno) v. “how we have always done things”…

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2016-03-31 Mercury Conjunct Uranus (Kite + Hele + Mystic Rectangle)