2016-03-10 Calendar of Aspects

2016-03-10 Calendar of Aspects

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 11 (W11)

This is a busy day with a number of higher order aspects perfecting.

2016-03-10 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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 Here is the list of aspects (Sunout) for today:

Ven (1) Spt Ura (3)
Mer (2) Spt Plu (12)
Mer (2) Nov Ura (3)
Ven (1) QNv Jup (8)
Mar (10) TrUn Nep (2)
Ven (1) Qnt Sat (11)
Sun (2) Cnj Chi (2)

We note Sun conjunct Chiron today.  This is an annual aspect that brings health, education, mentoring, and “the Wounded Healer” to the forefront.  Venus quadrinovile Jupiter tells us that we can learn an important lesson or skill that will serve us well in the future.  Keep in mind that this might seem like something trivial because Quadrinoviles often bring us skills that are useful in the future (but not yet currently).  Mercury novile Uranus may bring us one or more additional lessons.  Venus quintile Saturn may also bring us a smart, but practical, idea.  Septiles suggest that we help someone less fortunate than ourselves.

2016-03-10 Calendar of Aspects

2016-03 W11: Forecasts for Week 11 of 2016


2016-03 W11: Forecasts for Week 11 of 2016

March 8th is the next lunation, and it is a Solar Eclipse (New Moon).  Many states (including Texas) switch to Daylight Savings Time on the Sunday that follows.

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 11 (W11)

Sunday March 6th

After last week, you may want a break but Sun square Saturn will not give you one. Duty calls in some form, maybe business or family, and you must attend to it. Much chatter will emerge, and some of it may be continued disputes form the recent Mercury / Mars aspect (and change of signs). Lessons can be learned and skills can be developed. Pay attention. Get things done. And, when you get a chance, give yourself a break and get some rest anyway.

That would be enough, but Jupiter quincunx Uranus perfects today.  You have felt it building for the last few weeks…

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2016-03 W11: Forecasts for Week 11 of 2016