2016-08 W35: Forecasts for Week 35 of 2016

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2016-08 W35: Forecasts for Week 35 of 2016


The Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo on Monday August 22nd.  This is also the last full week of August.

For many, Summer is over and school starts.  This affects both students and close relatives (i.e. parents) of students.  “Back to School” dominates, and this is the kind of thing where Virgo excels.

Sunday is quiet astrologically, and we hope that means that students and those around them have a quiet window to prepare for the week ahead.  Monday Mercury is conjunct Jupiter, and this is excellent for higher education as well as foreign travel and legal matters.  Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto gives as very “urgent” feel to Monday, especially regarding finances or similar issues.  Tuesday things can become very ugly with Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus; we think this is a particularly dangerous day.  Mars joins Saturn on Wednesday, and we have a…

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2016-08 W35: Forecasts for Week 35 of 2016