2016-08 W34: Forecasts for Week 34 of 2016

Weekly Forecasts

2016-07 W34: Forecasts for Week 34 of 2016


The Full Moon / Lunar eclipse dominates this week, but the Venus / Neptune opposition, Sun trine Uranus, Venus trine Pluto, and Mercury opposite Chiron are also important influences.  Sunday, and the entire weekend preceding this Sunday, is dominated by Venus (Virgo) opposite Neptune (Pisces) which presents people, places, and things in the rosiest light possible.  “Things” are not really as they seem at this time, and Sun biseptile Mars means that some kind of karma is involved, a debt to be paid now or later.  Tuesday we have the annual Sun trine Uranus which brings us surprises and possibly important insights, but Sun quincunx Chiron is unpleasant and Venus joins the Node to make this another karmic day.  Wednesday we might feel the first wakeup call from this past weekend as Venus trines Pluto either making us pay the price…

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2016-08 W34: Forecasts for Week 34 of 2016