AlchemyAstrology: 24-26 August 2016, Wednesday-Friday, Passive

Alchemy Astrology

Moon in Taurus, laboratory process of Congelationemotionally stable

If you find an affinity for any of these statements it’s good to know what’s ‘in the air’.

A good time to: decide which thoughts, or what methods, bring (or will bring) you the most fortunate circumstances in your life – or at least this week.

Challenges: Remaining alert to how expressing yourself is worth the risk of creating an unstable situation.

Balance: Let go of struggles by trying to see the purpose, or the reasons, behind them. Fly a kite, blow bubbles, feel the wind in your face, do something airy that will help you relax.

Sidereal astrology, from an individual viewpoint:

Sun in Leo – persistent, organizing = self-expressive
Moon in Taurus – changes, decisive = emotionally stable
Mercury in Virgo – mental, analyzing = methodical
Venus in Leo – pleasant, organizing…

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AlchemyAstrology: 24-26 August 2016, Wednesday-Friday, Passive