Friday January 29th 2016


Friday January 29th 2016

Friday a Hard Rectangle perfects.  These tend to be rare, but quite a few of them perfect in 2016.   This is a strange day in which you either come to a complete halt or accomplish more than you can ordinarily hope for.  Middle ground does not tend to exist in any matter; extremism will tend to dominate.  Tempers can flare, so direct your focus appropriately.

In Europe and the UK, as well as those in Eastern Standard Time, Mercury conjunct Pluto perfects on Saturday, shortly after midnight for those in EST.  For points west, including CST, MST, and PST, the perfection of this aspect occurs Friday evening.  In any case, this amplifies the effects of both the Thor’s Hammer and the Hard Rectangle. Please note that this aspect corresponds to its mirror image that occurred January 22nd and the same or similar issues…

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Friday January 29th 2016

Mercury Conjunct Pluto 2015-01-29 (Thor’s Hammer)


Mercury Conjunct Pluto 2015-01-29 (Thor’s Hammer)

We can add little to describe the third in this series except to say that it brackets what has been a tough window for some people (form Jan 22 to Jan 29).  The previous perfections were on December 19, 2015 and January 22, 2016.  The good news is that this should clear out in a few days, and February should bring some relief.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto 2016-01-29 (Thor's Hammer)

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We present the list of perfections of this aspect (from 2010 to 2050):

Solar Fire Gold  Dec 18 2015
Electional Search Results
Criteria:  FIND  (Mer  Cnj  Plu)
Search From: Jan 1 2010  0:00 am
Search To:   Dec 31 2050  12:31 pm
Status:      Finished – 108 matches
Enters   Jan 5 2010 9:37:37 pm (CST +6:00)   Leaves Jan 25 2010 4:27:35 pm (CST +6:00) Enters   Nov 26 2010 1:09:38 pm (CST +6:00) [0] Is Exact Dec 5 2010 7:20:23 pm (CST +6:00) [0] Is Exact Dec 13 2010 10:04:57 pm (CST…

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Mercury Conjunct Pluto 2015-01-29 (Thor’s Hammer)

Friday, October 23: Sun Enters Scorpio and You are Tempted to Dig Deep

Friday, October 23: Sun Enters Scorpio and You are Tempted to Dig Deep

…but you should be careful regarding what you find.  You might find a surprise, something this is not quite what you expected.  Mars Quincunx Uranus tells of powerful unexpected events on this day.  Still, most of us will not be able to resist pushing the envelope even though Mars Opposite Chiron tells us that we probably should do just that: resist the temptation to overdo it.  If you must push so hard, maybe it should be in the area of a sexual experience with a regular partner, or at least that is what Venus Trine Pluto suggests.


Friday, October 23: Sun Enters Scorpio and You are Tempted to Dig Deep