2016-04-06 Calendar of Aspects

2016-04-06 Calendar of Aspects

April 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 15 (W15)

Sun squares Pluto and you will either collapse from the energy expended yesterday or you will become even more determined to fight the fight and get things done. At least to some degree, the choice is up to you. Moon is very old, and will favor you if you choose to clear out the grime that has been holding you back.

2016-04-06 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Again: (1) do not start anything new but (2) you can get a “deal” today since buyers are favored over purchasers.  Just make certain it is something you need and will actually use lest it remain unopened in some corner waiting to be disposed of later, maybe when Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn tells us that you can, and should, pay attention to details.  In your effort to clear and clean out, organize as you go.  Be careful not to misplace something that goes out in the trash.  Do everything meticulously today, step by step.

Outer planet aspects are very busy again today, and you can learn something especially useful and important in the future as Jupiter forms a quadrinovile to Pallas.

2016-04-06 Calendar of Aspects

Sun Enters Aries (Vernal Equinox) 2016-03-19 (Focused Yod)


Sun Enters Aries (Vernal Equinox) 2016-03-19

The Vernal Equinox occurs March 19th in most of the United States and March 20th in UK / Europe.  (Click here for more about the change of seasons in 2016.)  We have a Focused Yod present.  That pattern requires you to make a decision (choose wisely!) but also gives you the power to “get things done” once you have made that decision.  That pattern occurring at this time will give you both a similar requirement and a similar advantage until at least the Summer Solstice and possibly as long as the Vernal Equinox in 2017.

Here is the chart for the Vernal Equinox of 2016, filtered for the Focused Yod:

Sun Enters Aries (Vernal Equinox) 2016-03-19 (Focused Yod)

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Beginner’s Version of exact same chart with same filtering:

Sun Enters Aries (Vernal Equinox) 2016-03-19 (Focused Yod) Beginners

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Other patterns are also present, including a Hele and a Square Key.

Here is the same…

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Sun Enters Aries (Vernal Equinox) 2016-03-19 (Focused Yod)

2016-03-19 Calendar of Aspects

2016-03-19 Calendar of Aspects

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 12 (W12)

In most of the United States, except the Eastern Time Zone (EDT), the Vernal Equinox greets us late tonight.  (EU / UK experience this a half past 5 or half past 6 or later depending upon time zone.)

2016-03-19 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Sun biseptiles Saturn, and we should consider resolving some old karma or helping someone less fortunate than ourselves or both.  Sun quintiles Pluto, and we may encounter a very ingenious idea that either (a) helps us with the biseptiles (helping someone else) or (b) gives us a gift in the form of a smart idea that comes from providing said help.  In any case, they go together and they set the stage for the days to come at least until the Summer Solstice (late June) or possibly as long as the Vernal Equinox of next year (late March).  Venus septile Pluto confirms this emphasis on helping others.

Venus novile Uranus provides us with a gift of some sort this evening, an insight or useful skill, likely resulting from helping others (or maybe an insight because we failed to help; those can be hard lessons sometimes).  This novile signals a coming Venus / Uranus conjunction where we may enter into “unusual” relationships (or GLBT) or have ideas for particularly unusual or creative art (or money management).

Marsout aspects (outer planet aspects) are silent / absent today.

The Vernal Equinox happens 11:30 PM CDT / 10:30 PM MDT / 9:30 PM PDT and after midnight on March 20th 12:30 AM EDT on the east coast.  A new annual cycle for the Sun begins, and this is the beginning of the “Astrological New Year” as well.

2016-03-19 Calendar of Aspects

The Weekend: Sun Trine Pluto + Grand Cross of September 5, 2015

The Weekend: Sun Trine Pluto + Grand Cross of September 5, 2015

The week may have been a bit “tough” for some of us.  “Things” might be a little better on Saturday (with Sun trine Pluto), but it is all about deep conversations and power and money and maybe sex.   The Grand Cross of September 5, 2015 will give you much energy and ideas; just be certain focus that into actually accomplishing something.

Venus stations direct on Sunday, and you may be feeling this in your relationships.  Expect some turmoil and unpredictability followed by a clear direction later next week.

The Weekend: Sun Trine Pluto + Grand Cross of September 5, 2015