2016-03-18 Calendar of Aspects

2016-03-18 Calendar of Aspects

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 12 (W12)

A relatively benevolent Moon v/c begins after midnight (Moon Trine Sun) and ends near 4 AM CDT with the entry of the Moon into Leo.  The moon is more quiet today than yesterday, with quincunx aspects to Venus (afternoon) and Neptune (evening).  You may encounter a few glitches, but for most people they will be forgetten in a day or two and certainly by next week.

2016-03-18 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Outer planet aspects are far more busy (yesterday was relatively quiet with a Ceres / Uranus aspect bring a surprise regarding our prosperity (“The Visa is maxed out? Again?)).

Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus brings us some sense of urgency (possibly anger) to “get things done.”  Chiron opposite North Node (“Rahu” to some) means it is conjunct the South Node (“Ketu”) and, therefore, we have a temptation to “take the easy way out” or “cut corners” regarding some issue involving healthcare, education, or both.  (Don’t do it!)

Pallas does BiQuintile Hygeia, and we CAN have a brilliant insight into how to solve problems today.  Just focus your efforts, do not get derailed, do not cut corners, and do the work necessary.

Tomorrow brings the Vernal Equinox for most of the United States (except the East Coast that experiences a half hour past midnight EDT on March 20th and UK / EU which experiences it in the early morning hours on March 20th).  Things will change.

2016-03-18 Calendar of Aspects