2016-02-08 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-08 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-08 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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By itself, the New Moon today is interesting.  This NM marks the start of the Chinese New Year, and we have a list of New Moons in 2016 here.  The Moon turns v/c for the remainder of the day, and this is a good day for a holiday.

We have a number of interesting aspects today, including higher order aspects.  But what stands out are the sheer number of aspects in play.  Next, we interpret select aspects, and after that a list of the aspects (regular and higher order) perfecting today.

Beyond the NM today, enough by itself, Mercury Trine North Node catches our eyes.  It speaks to travel and communications, conversations and trips, done to deal with Karmic issues such as dealing with old wounds or taking on new challenges needed to grow into the next stage, whatever that may be.  Venus Sextile Chiron confirms this but focuses the issues more into health, education, and mentor relationships.  Mercury Novile Saturn tells us that not only is the “Devil In the Details” but so also is a possible new insight that leads to a special skill in dealing with those details.  Jupiter TriSeptile Uranus has been applying for at least a few days (if not weeks), and it marks a collective turning point for the planet in terms of working through karmic issues, helping those less fortunate than ourselves, and addressing environmental issues.

Planet Aspect Planet Time Zone
Venus Sxt Chiron 3:38:24 AM CST
Sun Und Pluto 3:46:04 AM CST
Mercury Tri Node 4:20:32 AM CST
Sun BiUn Saturn 6:04:44 AM CST
Sun SSx Chiron 6:19:44 AM CST
Mercury Nov Saturn 7:13:10 AM CST
Mercury SSq Neptune 7:56:11 AM CST
Moon Cnj Sun 8:40:03 AM CST
Jupiter TSpt Uranus 2:11:37 PM CST
Venus Dec Saturn 2:39:06 PM CST
Venus Sxt Mars 4:41:20 PM CST
Mercury BiUn Mars 10:41:48 PM CST
Venus Sxt Chiron 11:58:52 PM CST


2016-02-08 Calendar of Aspects