2016-03-27 Calendar of Aspects

2016-03-27 Calendar of Aspects

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 13 (W13)

Moon is void (v/c) all day in the sign of Scorpio.  Use this day as down time / post-processing from the powerful events of yesterday and the week that preceded it.

2016-03-27 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Numerous higher order aspects are in play.  Mercury / Neptune tells us this could be a good day for writing photography, videography or other similar efforts.  Moon v/c tells us that a “do-over” may be needed, but the initial effort will be worthwhile.  Mercury Quadrinovile the North Node tells us you may receive an insight or learn an important skill for dealing with some kind of karma in the future.  Make notes about what you learn.  Sun is Binovile Pluto, and that confirms that insights can be had today.

Vesta Sesquiquadrate Hygeia gives us some sense of urgency about health and healthcare and “how we have always done things.”  Use those insights from the quadrinoviles to solve this problem.

2016-03-27 Calendar of Aspects

Monday, October 26th: Moon v/c in Aries Most of the Day

Monday, October 26th: Moon v/c in Aries Most of the Day (2015)

In the EU/UK, something can be achieved if you do it before Noon.  Expected the unexpected as the Moon interacts with Mercury (opposition) and Uranus (conjunction).  You may not obtain the answer you expect to the question you have asked.

In the United States, most people should use this as an unofficial holiday or stick to the most routine matters possible.  Some people are exceptions, but most people should stick to routine.  Obviously, if you are in the U.S. and routinely communicate with people in the UK/EU then you might have a surprise (from their activity associated with Mercury / Uranus).

A Hard Rectangle formation begins shortly after midnight (1 AM EDT, 10 PM PDT) and is associated with the Full Moon that perfects 7 AM on Tuesday.  A Square Key is also active during this period.  The Thor’s Hammer that began October 21st is still in play, so avoid anger, road rage, and dangerous situations.  This is probably NOT the day to be impulsive for most of us.  For more detail, see the October Patterns List.

Monday, October 26th: Moon v/c in Aries Most of the Day

Tuesday October 20th: Venus Conjunct Hygeia

Tuesday October 20th: Venus Conjunct Hygeia

2015 is nearing the end with only a little more than two months to go.  On this date, Tuesday, October 20, 2015, the Moon is void most of the day.  Much of what you do will tend to not bear fruit or have an odd outcome.  It is a bit like asking the wish of the genie and having them grant it only to find that it really does not suit you.

Venus is conjunct Hygeia, and health and health issues come to the forefront.  A Hele leads to polarization with groups, but much of their effort does not produce precisely what they desire.  If you did not get it done on Monday, then take a day off on Tuesday and watch the others in the fray.  Wednesday brings a fresh start in some minor way that will seem refreshing.

Tuesday October 20th: Venus Conjunct Hygeia

Mercury Sextile Saturn (2015-10-13): A Good Day to Get Things Done

Mercury Sextile Saturn (2015-10-13): A Good Day to Get Things Done

Mercury sextiles Saturn today, and that makes it a very good day to take care of detailed work that may be a bit boring but is nonetheless important.  Think of accounting, bill paying or anything that requires meticulous attention to detail.  The Moon is just past new and waxing, so “things” tend to grow during this period whether they are problems or solutions.  You get to choose which.

Moon is v/c until just past 4:30 PM CDT (please adjust for your time zone), so do note that some things may have to be re-done or you may find that the task master that demanded them suddenly no longer cares about them.  Choose your battles (and how you spend your time) carefully.  Despite the void Moon, it is still a good time to take care of routine detailed tasks that must be done anyway.

A Thor’s Hammer pattern is present, so remember to “keep your cool” and avoid losing your temper.  Avoid dangerous people, places, and things as well.  (The 9/11 attacks started during a void Moon, so bad things CAN happen at those times!)  Work alone, if you can.

In any case, you really do want to “get things done” today and tomorrow because “things” get a bit messy on Thursday.

Mercury Sextile Saturn (2015-10-13): A Good Day to Get Things Done