2016-03-21 Calendar of Aspects

2016-03-21 Calendar of Aspects

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 13 (W13)

Today is the “Ecclesiastical” beginning of Spring (used as part of the determination of when Easter occurs).  Moon is in Virgo all day and quite active.  Mercury enters Aries in the evening and is void (v/c) prior to that.  Communications and transportation problems may emerge during this window; do not buy a vehicle, computer, or phone during this time.

Moon becomes void only a few hours later, making it difficult to accomplish anything lasting today.  Stick to routine tasks and plans for action after the eclipse on Wednesday.

2016-03-21 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Mercury makes higher order aspects on this day, so smart ideas will likely come to you including ideas about how to help those less fortunate than yourself.  If you do help others, do it during the void anonymously and without thought, hope, or expectation that you will receive favorable recognition for it.  Do it only to help someone, anonymously, and without any other thought or intention.

Ceres quincunx Astraea adds an unfavorable cast to today, and unexpected fines or taxes (or other legal matters) might affect your prosperity.  Focus that bright idea you get on how to solve that problem.  Jupiter / Vesta hints that we will need to decide between sticking to “tradition” (or unwritten rules) or challenging them to accomplish what you need to do.

2016-03-21 Calendar of Aspects