2016-02-05 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-05 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-05 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Astrologically, this is a busy Friday, but what stands out are (1) Mars quincunx Uranus (11:31 AM CST; 12:31 PM EST / 9:31 PST); and (2) Venus conjunct Pluto (7:14 PM CST).  This day can be characterized by mis-steps and accidents.  We will tend to become angry, and this can be difficult to control.  Give yourself extra lead time and padding in everything that happens today, and know that your expectations will almost certainly be violated.  Put it all behind you be evening.  This is a good night for sex and love, together, if you are in an existing romantic relationship.  If not, you might have a spectacular date tonight.  If none of that applies, work on either physical fitness or financial fitness this evening.  If you are home alone, and not willing to take a break, then knock out those taxes ahead of the due date this year.

A higher order BiQuintile, Sun to Jupiter, can provide powerful insights for creatives.  If your work as a creative has a disturbing or difficult aspect to it (such as writing a murder mystery), then this may be an excellent night to make progress or even complete the work.  (If you have Aquarius / Virgo in your natal chart, or Leo / Pisces, then you will benefit most.)


2016-02-05 Calendar of Aspects