2016-03-24 Calendar of Aspects

2016-03-24 Calendar of Aspects

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 13 (W13)

Thursday March 24th

Mercury trines Mars today, and you should accomplish all you can prior to Moon becoming void of course after its opposition to Uranus at 3:56 PM CDT.  The aspect (the opposition) can bring some very smart ideas, but you need to wait until you have more information, some time Friday afternoon (tomorrow), before you attempt to put those into action.  Take this “time off” to do as much research as you can and lay the foundation without making any major commitments to move forward.

2016-03-24 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Mercury aspects pepper the day, and we find that transportation and communication come to the forefront.  Mercury Trine Mars brings spirited words, but violence can be avoided (and progress made) if you make the necessary attempt.

Mercury Quadrinovile Jupiter tells us that we can have an important insight or learn a new skill to stop similar problems in the future.  Saturn and Juno aspect late, also, and this tells us that we should take a hard look at who we should (or should not) trust.

Chiron conjoins Ceres, and issues of our prosperity as it relates to health and healthcare, education, or both come to the forefront.  Chances are good that money is an issue, or soon will be.

Pallas is quincunx North Node, so put any action on “bright ideas” on hold until later, maybe Saturday.

Some of you have been feeling the upcoming Saturn Retrograde station (tomorrow) all week.  This tends to be true if you are heavily invested in a corporate setting or are involved with the financial services industry.  Do not be surprised if you see a minor shakeup this week.


2016-03-24 Calendar of Aspects