2016-09 W39: Forecasts for Week 39 of 2016

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2016-09 W39: Forecasts for Week 39 of 2016


We have a busy week this week.  Depending on your time zone, Mercury stations direct on either the 21st or 22nd (but we feel the station all week long, and probably felt it last week).  In most time zones, the Autumnal Equinox (aka “first day of Fall”) is the 22nd.  By themselves, those two signal major shifts.

Sunday, Venus opposes Uranus, and that would be enough, by itself, to make the day “interesting.”  The Moon joins that mix, joining Uranus and opposing Venus.  What could that mean?  Septile aspects abound, some of them outer planet, and we feel massive “karma.”  Monday the Moon has two quincunxes that some people MIGHT call a yod.  If so, a decision is at hand, probably a minor one that Mercury forces us to revisit later.  A sesquiquadrate gives us a sense of urgency, and noviles…

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2016-09 W39: Forecasts for Week 39 of 2016

2016-09-16 Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon; Rosetta + T-Squares)


2016-09-16 Appulse Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon)

First of all, let’s clarify the basic message of this Full Moon / Eclipse: you have much to accomplish in the next month to eighteen months, some of the projects are overdue, you have the energy to do it if you can avoid unproductive and unnecessary anger (note that SOME anger, sometimes, CAN be productive!), and you will have to form temporary allegiances with people who have the potential to later betray you.  THAT is the basic message.

How do we get this?  First, Mercury is Retrograde and less than a week away from the Direct Station.  This FM/Eclipse must involve projects on hold, details that must be attended to, and the resurrection of old projects whose time has come.

Next, since this is a Full Moon, it will govern the next two weeks the strongest but could govern a period of up to…

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2016-09-16 Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon; Rosetta + T-Squares)