2016-07 W31: FORECASTS FOR WEEK 31 OF 2016

Weekly Forecasts

2016-07 W31: FORECASTS FOR WEEK 31 OF 2016


The last full week of July is likely dominated by the Uranus stationary retrograde (SRx) that perfects Friday afternoon.  We feel it all week, and chances are good we felt it some last week as well.  Surprises, maybe dangerous ones, dominate the week.  Revolutions are attempted but surely fail.  A peppering of quintiles gives us some good ideas, but they will almost certainly need revisions and adjustments.  Write them down and keep them for later.


Venus triseptile Neptune tells us that we can, and should, make life better for someone less fortunate than ourselves.  Lately the septiles / biseptiles / triseptiles have manifested themselves as shooters (and dangerous others) who could have benefitted from a better mental health system or at least a few good friends who might could have let the pressure out of the pressure cooker.  Help someone…

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2016-07 W31: FORECASTS FOR WEEK 31 OF 2016