2016-07 W28: Forecasts for Week 28 of 2016

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2016-07 W28: Forecasts for Week 28 of 2016

July 2016 (Mars Out)


We have ups and downs this week, but it is mostly a “good week.”  For most people, most of the time, it is “all systems go.”  If you are contemplating approaching someone to start a romance, chances are good that this is the week to do it.  Even if it is a short-lived “summer romance,” you will still have happy memories from it.  (“Go for it.”)

Sunday July 3rd

Sun Trines Neptune making this a “feel good” day for many but a source of confusion for others.  Do not take anything too seriously today, and certainly do not sign any contracts.  Pluto makes several subtle aspects to asteroids, and you may “feel” this as subtle power struggles, more undercurrents and unspoken than direct confrontation.  Health issues could come to the surface for some.  Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars can…

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2016-07 W28: Forecasts for Week 28 of 2016