2016-06 W26: Forecasts for Week 26 of 2016

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2016-06 W26: Forecasts for Week 26 of 2016

June 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 26 (W26)

A Full Moon, quickly followed by the Summer Solstice (entry of the Sun into the sign of Cancer as determined by the “tropical zodiac” used by western astrologers) marks our transition (officially) this week form Spring 2016 into Summer 2016.  This is the last full week of June, 2016, and July 2016 starts late next week.

Sunday June 19th

Some time zones feel Mars quincunx Uranus (Scorpio / Aries) on Saturday (yesterday), and we have mentioned it there.  That aspect perfects for PDT (Pacific) and MDT (Mountain) though quite late in the evening for both.  CDT (Central), EDT (Eastern), UK, and EU have the perfection after midnight (early on Sunday).  Everyone feels it on BOTH days.

Quincunx is an aspect that ties two planets together in signs that do not communicate by element (Fire, Earth, Air…

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2016-06 W26: Forecasts for Week 26 of 2016