2016-06 W25: Forecasts for Week 25 of 2016

Weekly Forecasts

2016-06 W25: Forecasts for Week 25 of 2016

June 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 25 (W25)

This is the last full week of Spring 2016.  For many, summer is already here.  This is a VERY busy week astrologically, and you will see many “changes.”

Sunday June 12th

The week starts off with a Bang! as Mars (Scorpio) trines Chiron (Pisces).  Whenever Chiron is involved we talk about education, health, and especially mentors.  But both planets are in water and Mars at home in Scorpio.  Today is all about making and breaking secrets.  Some secrets bubble to the surface and are exposed and new ones are created as certain people manufacture new “cover stories.”

That would be enough, but Venus (Gemini) sextiles Uranus (Aries) and surprises become the norm for the day.  This can be a very tough day for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) and maybe earth signs as well…

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2016-06 W25: Forecasts for Week 25 of 2016