2016-05 W19: Forecasts for Week 19 of 2016


2016-05 W19: Forecasts for Week 19 of 2016

Archive of Week 18 (W18)

May 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 19 (W19)

May 1st

Moon enters Pisces as Sun (Taurus) sextiles Neptune (Pisces).  Generally, poetry, music, photography and videography (and cinema) prosper today whether you are audience or artist.  Vesta / Neptune quintile favors arts that examine traditions and Venus BiQuintile Mars hints at police or military traditions.  For many people, this is mostly a quiet day and a very good day to visit someone who is sick or wounded and in the hospital or otherwise in need of having their spirits lifted.

May 2nd

An early morning conjunction of the Moon and Neptune (both in Pisces) brings either good sleep or vivid dreams or maybe both.  If you did visit a sick or wounded person yesterday, then you may find that today is a turning point for them (they either get…

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2016-05 W19: Forecasts for Week 19 of 2016