2016 Taurus New MooooN (Hele, Kites, T-Squares)


2016 Taurus New MooooN (Hele, Kites, T-Squares)

Five retrograde planets and a Taurus New Moon.  That is where we start.  Also, this NM occurs in Week 19 of 2016 in the month of May.

This NM is in Taurus near the center of the sign at 16 degrees, just one degree past the point of the “Cross Quarter Day” (which in this case is what some call “Astrological” Beltane).  If you celebrated Beltane yesterday (on Cinco de Mayo), then you should have focused on clearing on the old to make room for the new.  But, what “new” are we preparing for this time?

In this case, three patterns are present.  Arguably, this is one pattern and two sets of patterns.  We have one Hele, and that tells us to take a hard look at our long term alliances.

We have a series of Kites built from a series of…

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2016 Taurus New MooooN (Hele, Kites, T-Squares)