2016-04-06 Calendar of Aspects

2016-04-06 Calendar of Aspects

April 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 15 (W15)

Sun squares Pluto and you will either collapse from the energy expended yesterday or you will become even more determined to fight the fight and get things done. At least to some degree, the choice is up to you. Moon is very old, and will favor you if you choose to clear out the grime that has been holding you back.

2016-04-06 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Again: (1) do not start anything new but (2) you can get a “deal” today since buyers are favored over purchasers.  Just make certain it is something you need and will actually use lest it remain unopened in some corner waiting to be disposed of later, maybe when Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn tells us that you can, and should, pay attention to details.  In your effort to clear and clean out, organize as you go.  Be careful not to misplace something that goes out in the trash.  Do everything meticulously today, step by step.

Outer planet aspects are very busy again today, and you can learn something especially useful and important in the future as Jupiter forms a quadrinovile to Pallas.

2016-04-06 Calendar of Aspects