New Moon 2016-04-07 (Hele + Thor’s Hammer)


New Moon 2016-04-07 (Hele + Thor’s Hammer)

The New Moon is exact Apr 7 2016 6:23:36 AM CDT.  A number of T-Squares and two ongoing Grand Trines continue to be active, and we will not discuss those here.  Additionally, a Thor’s Hammer (using the North Node, a point rather than a planet although a particularly important point (especially to Vedic astrologers)) and a Hele are present.  (For more about other New Moons this year, click here.  For more on Full Moons, click here.)

As is true with all Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) patterns, a potential for violence is present.  Avoid dangerous or unstable people, places, and things, and avoid being one yourself.  Harness this energy to “get things done” (if you can) and note that this particular TH has a “karmic” quality because of North Node involvement.  A smart thing to do is to anonymously help someone, maybe several someones, who…

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New Moon 2016-04-07 (Hele + Thor’s Hammer)