Diamond Pattern (and more) 2016-03-14


Diamond Pattern (and more) 2016-03-14

As we have said elsewhere: “International Math Day, Pi Day, or Einstein’s Birthday: take your pick.  (“All of the above” is the right answer here.)  Informally, the Moon forms a very loose grand cross with an opposition to Saturn and squares to Neptune and Jupiter.  You will either accomplish much or nothing at all.  (No in-betweens on this one.)”

But we also have a Diamond Pattern today, and these are uncommon.  We have five of these in 2016, and one begins today.  This reminds us of the Focused Yod and Diamond that occurred a few hours after the Winters Solstice 2012 (aka “The End of the World”).

Today is so heavily patterned and sophisticated that, arguably, it might be easier to list what is NOT present today: Star of David variants, Quintile Kites, Grand Quintiles, Mystic Rectangles, Hard Rectangles, Double Yod Keys, or Stretched…

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Diamond Pattern (and more) 2016-03-14

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