2016-03-08 Solar Eclipse (Square Key + Yod + Thor’s Hammer)


2016-03-08 Solar Eclipse  (Square Key + Yod + Thor’s Hammer)

First we look at this eclipse from the standpoint of the Square Key:

2016-03-08 New Moon (Square Key + Yod + TH)

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Will not repeat in detail the deep dive that other commentators have done regarding Sun/Moon here being close to Chiron (health, education, and the “wounded healer”) on one side and Ceres (“prosperity” in general, and food, diet and nutrition in particular).  But do keep in mind that many of us are facing a blend of these critical issues at this time.  In fact, this is a “5 point Stellium” in Pisces.

What we will note is that, is that a Square Key pattern is present that ties together Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, and the North Node.  Square keys are really interlaced Huber “Learning Triangles,” and this means we are facing important lessons regarding North Node (“Karma,” and in this case dealing with finances or…

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2016-03-08 Solar Eclipse (Square Key + Yod + Thor’s Hammer)