2016-02-21 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-21 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-21 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Today is an odd mix as we more fully move into Sun in Pisces.  A sense of urgency prevails, and important lessons can be learned along the way, and learning at least one of them feels like “fate.”  Moon is void at 7:16 PM CST in Leo for the remainder of the evening.  Stick to routine for the evening as you prepare for the remainder of the week.

2016-02-21 Calendar of Aspects

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  1. Astrology is mystical to me. I have this battle inside on whether to believe the information or not. It always got me wondering, how and where do they get all the data they have on all those constellations…? I’m really intrigued…

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    1. Grandtrines says:

      Well, believe it or not, I am very similar to what you are saying. I have seen some events that “tend” to make me a “believer,” but I always find myself checking and double checking. That is why my blog (GrandTrines) is done the way it is done: I want people to check for THEMSELVES. If it works, keep it. If not, discard it. And, I might add, I agree with the “mystical” part also. “Mystical” comes from the word “mystery” and implies that sometimes we accept or reject just on a matter of faith because logic / math / rationality fails us for some reason. Astrology has that quality; dreams even more so.

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      1. I like your answer.

        Very informative and respectful of others views.

        I think mixing spirituality and science is a great way of life, well for me. Doing so, allow me to keep a certain rationality through empirical and theoretical studies while allowing myself to dive deeper into spirituality.

        It is the best of the both worlds.

        The science world and the spiritual world are closely tied to one another to a way we don’t clearly understand yet. It is easy to see how similar they are when you look at quantum physics for instance.

        In quantum physics everything and anything is merely possible. Especially when we try to understand those higher dimensions and space-time.

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      2. Grandtrines says:

        I think that most would say that spirituality and science have different “cores.” Many have argued as to what that might really mean. Science suffers from a number of critical limitations. Two of these are (1) it cannot speak to what cannot be measured and has certain other requirements such as “comparison groups” (i.e. “control” and “experimental”); (2) legal and ethical constraints prevent certain kinds of explorations (and it should be that way). Spirituality / religion has neither of these issues, but a different set of problems plague them, notably the quesetion of “what is a religion” versus “what is a cult.” And, even when those are resolved, religion has been plagued with a series of mistakes in which we know, now, that they “just got it wrong.” Probably the most famous of these involves Gallileo. As a side note, science makes similar mistakes but has somehow been better at burying them. I think one of the big ones involved the medical profession incarcertaing people to insane asylums, years ago, for believing that “rocks fell from the sky” (what are now called meteorites). It has been buried. But, if you look long enough, you can find history of these abuses.

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      3. I think there’s an important difference to make between “religion” and “spirituality”. One can be spiritual without necessarily being religious.

        Science has been used to stigmatize people as well as Religion. The medical field which you speak of is psychiatry a branch of Human Sciences that has been considered “pseudoscience” for merely as long as I can remember.

        The reasons for this is like you’ve stipulated above: to be considered Science, it has to use empirical observable methods. And the scientific community has agreed long time ago that the human condition is very hard to observe and measure.

        I say spirituality is closely tied to the field of theoretical quantum physics because they’re trying to explain the same phenomenons only using different approaches. Hence why I think they make a great mix.

        Everything in Science isn’t just “empirical”. The experiments always come after the theory. Then they adjust their theory if the experiments fail. Nothing is really definitive until proven and even if proven, it is subjected to change.

        From my own perspective, it is not a war 😉

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      4. Grandtrines says:

        Sounds like you are making good points. Are you familiar with Thomas Kuhn’s “Making of Scientific Revolutions”? He makes a number of arguments that overlap with some of yours.
        RE: Religion v. Spirituality: what you say is true EXCEPT that, in practice, many people who call themselves “spiritual but not religious” will show themselves tethered to some mother religion if you did a little deeper. At least that has been my experience. To the degree that is true, one must at least consider whatever the mother religion is to see just how someone’s viewpoint is colored by the (sometimes unspoken) assumptions of that mother religion. In fact, I have only met defectors from Christianity (and not Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism). (This could be an argument for me “getting out more.” I am certain those defectors from Islam must be out there “somewhere.”)
        I am not an expert in quantum physics, so you might have to clarify more to me to understand what you are saying. When you do invoke that term, I tend to think of poor Schroedinger’s cat whole life is held by a thread of “superposition.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schrödinger%27s_cat

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      5. Interesting. I had never heard of Thomas Kuhn’s “Making of Scientific Revolutions” before today. Thank you for dropping knowledge. I went on his wiki page and he was brilliant with his theory of “paradigm shifts”. I’m looking forward to try read his book.

        The idea of a mother religion is solely because of what we know as religion in our consciousness today. But if you want to put it out like that, I think all religions we know today (e.g. Christianity, Judaism, Islam etc.) find their roots in mythology (Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek etc.)

        At the end of the day, it does not matter if one believe their God is a blue man or a white man, we all speak of the same energy. The danger with religion is that it pretends to know it all without proof. It is a subjective matter rather than objective. The experience is a good story teller however can we use it to generalize? It’s a slippery avenue since the human mind is subject to imagination and phantasms. That’s why we need Science like quantum physics.

        In regards of quantum physics, your article about “superposition” is closed enough to what I’m trying to explain.

        Basically, when I say that the field of spirituality and quantum physics try to explain the same phenomenons using different approaches, I`m mainly referring to God and the Universe.

        For instance, couple years ago, and you probably heard of it, they discovered the Higgs boson or (the God’s particle) which, they think, is a particle that is responsible for the formation of the Universe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Higgs_boson

        Another example I can give you:
        – The string theory (also known as the theory of everything) which explains how all objects in our universe are composed of vibrating filaments (strings) and membranes (branes) of energy. It also explains how we might be living in a multidimensional Universe (also known as multiverse) and how it could be possible to time travel to those extra dimensions.

        So for me, example like the theory of everything is the same as telling me we are all consciousness. Science only uses different words. At the end of the day, everybody is looking for THE Truth. Everyone is looking for God the Almighty. Everyone is trying to explain and demystify our existence and creation. How did we get here? Who? When? Where? Why? All the same unanswered questions.

        Spirituality and Science like physics are trying to explain the same phenomenons only using different approaches and terms.

        However, Science gains more credibility in my opinion because they do not pretend to know the answers until they see and prove it. They say “it’s a possibility” rather than “it’s an absolute”.

        Physics and Spirituality are interconnected. Do you see what I mean?

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      6. Grandtrines says:

        Well stated. Not everyone would agree that physics and spirituality are connected. Myself, I will withhold judgment for or against. (Something I often do when exploring a topic.)

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      7. Grandtrines says:

        Agreed! So-called “skeptics” seem to be a religion themselves. Stepping away from all of it and not clearly accepting or rejecting offers the best opportunity to explore.

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