2016-02-21 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-21 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-21 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Today is an odd mix as we more fully move into Sun in Pisces.  A sense of urgency prevails, and important lessons can be learned along the way, and learning at least one of them feels like “fate.”  Moon is void at 7:16 PM CST in Leo for the remainder of the evening.  Stick to routine for the evening as you prepare for the remainder of the week.

2016-02-21 Calendar of Aspects

Saturday February 20th 2016


Saturday February 20th 2016 Week 08 (W08)

Saturday February 20th

This is an energetic Saturday, and you can “get things done.”  And, you will feel an urge to do just that.  Issues involving health, education, finances, and taxes come to the forefront.  For some people these will be issues with the police or intelligence agencies.  Take advantage of your sense of urgency and complete what you can.

Moon (Leo) opposes Mercury, Venus (Aquarius) followed by a quincunx to Neptune (Pisces) and a trine to Saturn (Sagittarius).  Of all the days this week, this might be the best one for “getting things done,” and oddly it favors fire and air signs (though the Sun is in Pisces and applying, ultimately, to Neptune and Chiron).  If we zoom out and look at Saturday and Sunday together, we could argue that a (very loose) Fire Grand Trine is present.

Venus (Aquarius) is semi-square…

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Saturday February 20th 2016