2016-02-19 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-19 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-19 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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The Moon is v/c most of the day in the Western Hemisphere.  Sun is quadrinovile Jupiter which hints that we may acquire special skills during the void.  (These may be “lessons learned” as to what does not work.)

2016-02-19 Calendar of Aspects

Thursday February 18th 2016


Thursday February 18th 2016

Thursday February 18th

As you know from yesterdays interpretations, the Sun is void.  If you need to “wrap things up,” particularly Aquarian type things (computers, internet, social groups, and so forth), then do so, but do know that a “re-do” may be in the works.  Aquarian anything tends to bring surprises, so you may never “see” the basis of this re-do.  When it does arrive, it will force a shift in your consciousness (sometimes a painful one for earth signs such as Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo).

Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter does mean that you have the energy to push forward, and in some cases you should do so even knowing that a re-do might be needed.  Chiron is novile Pallas, so we learn a powerful skill involving the question of how to get things done (Pallas, the warrior goddes of strategy) and healthcare or education (or both).

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Thursday February 18th 2016