Saturday February 6th 2016


Saturday February 6th (W06)

For most people this will be a good day.  The only square is Venus square Uranus which is notorious for kinky sex and unusual romantic relationships.  Perfection of this aspect follows on the heels of yesterday’s Venus / Pluto conjunction, and this may be a sexually intense weekend for those who choose a “getaway” at this time.  (Venus Square Uranus is associated with “kinky” or untraditional sex.)   But, it could also bring a “surprise” from the standpoint of finances and financial dealings.  In any case, it is a continuation from the Venus / Pluto conjunction yesterday.

Today is at least as complex and active as yesterday if not more so.  Mercury Trine Jupiter enhances the continuation or revision of any work done by creatives yesterday.  This is known as a particularly benevolent aspect which helps in areas involving transportation and communication.  You saw…

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Saturday February 6th 2016