Wednesday February 3rd 2016


Wednesday February 3rd 2016

Wednesday February 3rd

“Things” are a bit better on this day as two early morning quadrinoviles bring us a window where we can learn important lessons, gain new skills, and maybe even have breakthrough insights.  These will tend to focus on diet, exercise, and health, but breakthroughs in other areas are also possible.

Today is busy astrologically.  The Aquarian Sun Sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius, a favorable aspect for “getting things done” and accomplishing results that are intended to be lasting.  (We will visit the other side of this aspect again   Mars Sextile Pluto gives us a sense of urgency to “get things done,” also, and we can do so as long as we do not engage in pointless conflicts.  (We note that some conflicts could be useful.  Use your judgment.)  Mercury has the exact same aspect to Chiron, and we find man of us…

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Wednesday February 3rd 2016