Sun Sextile Saturn 2016-02-03


Sun Sextile Saturn 2016-02-03

We do not find any aspect patterns, so we focus on sextiles at this time.  Three occur on this date: (1) Sun Sextile Saturn; (2) Mercury Sextile Chiron; and (3) Mars Sextile Pluto.  Today is mostly a benevolent day, a “nose to the grindstone” workday, with some extra energy from Mars Sextile Pluto.  Here is the chart:

2016-02-03 Sun Sextile Saturn

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We note that (1) this is a repeating annual aspect that (2) occurs in mirror images (twice a year) and (3) the next aspect (the mirror image) is October 4th and affects roughly a week long window (as does this one).  The previous Sun Sextile Saturn was on September 23, 2015, and the conjunction occurred November 29, 2015.  A check of your notes (or diary) on (or near) those dates might provide insights to your current situation.

Here is a list of the…

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Sun Sextile Saturn 2016-02-03