2016-01-28 Calendar of Aspects

2016-01-28 Calendar of Aspects

2016-01-28 Daily Calendar

2016-01-28 Calendar of Aspects

3 thoughts on “2016-01-28 Calendar of Aspects

  1. […] Thursday is a curious day in which we begin to feel a shift or see a turning of the tides.  Lunar aspects are nearly absent.  Major aspects are totally absent.  Higher order aspects tend to be influential and set the stage for a very “energetic” weekend.  The only conventional aspect is Sun semisextile Neptune, ordinarily a routine (annual) mild aspect that is typically overlooked.  You will feel it today, and it will tell you to both look to the future and to think of those less fortunate than yourself.  For some people, this is a good day to write a will or engage in similar estate planning.  Thinking of a future without yourself, and how your life can benefit those left behind, is a good use of this day. […]

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