Sunday January 24th 2016


Sunday January 24th 2016

Sunday, if not earlier, we feel the effects of the Mercury Direct Station.  Frankly, these can be as “bad” or “worse” than the retrograde station.  We are facing the time to move forward.  People, places, or things that we have ignored or neglected have asserted themselves, and we may still have not fully addressed them.  Other items may show themselves as decisions.  Ignore them at your peril.  By this weekend, you will be feeling the coming Mercury Direct Station on Monday.

Otherwise, this is a mostly post-full moon lunar day.  A (very) loose Yod exists in the sky, with the Moon (Leo) at the apex, Chiron / Neptune (Pisces) on one leg, and Mercury (R) / Pluto on the other leg (Capricorn).  Only you can say what this decision, or decisions (like a set of complex ones) can really mean, but the Moon in Leo…

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Sunday January 24th 2016