2016-01-13 Calendar of Aspects

2016-01-13 Calendar of Aspects

2016-01-13 Daily Calendar

2016-01-13 Calendar of Aspects

2 thoughts on “2016-01-13 Calendar of Aspects

  1. […] Wednesday is complex.  The good news is that the Sun trines Jupiter, an annual aspect that almost always confers benefit (unless you “overdo” it).  (Traditionally, Jupiter is a “malefic” (bad) though many modern astrologers (including myself) count it as a “benefic” (good).  Why the dispute?  It is an AMPLIFIER.  Jupiter makes “things” “big,” such as Powerball winnings.  It makes the bad worse and the good better.  Like big Powerball winnings, the result you get depends on where you point it and how you use it.) […]


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