2015-12-11 Calendar of Aspects

2015-12-11 Calendar of Aspects

2015-12-11 Daily Calendar

The NM at 19 Sadge is enough to make you feel this day all by itself.  But, the Moon goes void after perfecting the NM, and during the void (1) Mars quincunx Chiron perfects (Ouch!  and I do mean OUCH!  That’s just painful.) and (2) Venus trine Neptune is still in play (causing us to have moments that are quite happy but also quite unrealistic).  Lance the boil if you must, and have fun if you can, but do not take anything too seriously and do not expect it to last.  Stick to routine and do NOT sign any contracts (or make major purchases).

Given that this is the day that Anonymous scheduled “OpISIS,” we have to wonder how that will play out.  If you have not heard of OpISIS, then this video might add clarity.  (Then, again, maybe it will not.)

2015-12-11 Calendar of Aspects