2015-11-24 Calendar of Aspects

2015-11-24 Calendar of Aspects

2015-11-24 Calendar

 Tuesday is flavored by Mars quincunx Neptune earlier in the day giving us a stream of false hopes, mis-communications, and general confusion.  That sets the stage for our reaction, later in the day, in which Mercury conjunct Saturn insists that we review the details and iron out any possible bugs in whatever it is we are working on.  Chances are good that if you persist in “crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i’” you will greatly benefit from the effort expended.

That said, we note that Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus perfects early at 8:14 am CST (9:14 EST / 6:14 CST).  This is another one of those aspects that produces an annoyance with some unexpected event that has a gift hidden within it in the form of a useful insight.  Mars quadrinovile Chiron emphasizes that, particularly with regard to health or educational issues.  Today may contain halts and starts, but, again, if you focus yourself in the evening you can accomplish something important.  Despite the problems we mention, today would be an excellent day to start an exercise plan.

Shortly after Mars quincunx Neptune perfects, typically making a mess, a higher order Mercury / Uranus aspect perfects.  A gift is hidden in this mess, and chances are good you can find it if you look for it.

We note that Moon goes v/c at 7:25 PM CST (8:25 EST / 5:25 PST), so whatever you work on this evening may need to be revised or revisited at another time, likely tomorrow (Wednesday).  This void begins a few hours before Mercury conjunct Saturn.  We think this is one of those rare cases where we can recommend for most people to go against conventional wisdom and to persist in your efforts during the void anyway, at least until Mercury conjunct Saturn perfects.

The foundation you lay today will help you take advantage of the larger opportunity (that will show itself in the form of a Kite) tomorrow when the Full Moon of November 2015 perfects.

This is an odd day where you can expect resistance and a need to re-do and re-visit later, but should persist anyway.  Later, in hindsight, you will understand why.  (Make notes in your journal about today.)

2015-11-24 Calendar of Aspects

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