2015-11-21 Calendar of Aspects

2015-11-21 Calendar of Aspects

2015-11-21 Calendar

This is an energetic kind of Saturday.  Many of you will wish to rise early and “get things done.”  Mostly, this will work except during the Moon v/c period from 7:22 AM CST (8:22 EST / 5:22 PST) until 9:12 AM CST (10:12 EST / 8:12 PST).  Use the void period to clean out and clear out and organize for later action.  With the Moon this early in a sign, you may need a re-do on some activities, but in this case that is just part of the process.  Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus can produce annoyances that have the potential to contain powerful and profound lessons if you “keep your eyes open” for them.  Sun is semi-square Pluto, so you may feel a sense of urgency regarding money matters or taxes (or the police).  Overall it is a good day, and you will feel better about it if you use it to get something done, particularly clearing out old, nagging issues.

2015-11-21 Calendar of Aspects

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