2015-11-20 Calendar of Aspects

2015-11-20 Calendar of Aspects

2015-11-20 Calendar

Mercury enters Sadge shortly before 2 PM CST (3PM EST / Noon PST).  Expect communications and transportation to have a “retrograde” like quality during this period since Mercury is v/c (void of course, a bit like Moon v/c).  Squabbles tend to happen today, particularly between close friends and family, so be aware that some people are a bit on edge.  If you are in a romantic relationship, this can be a great night for a sexual escapade.  If you are going on a first date, Venus BiQuintile Neptune can mean you finally meet “the one.”  It is also a good day for creatives, as long as they take into account the above considerations.

2015-11-20 Calendar of Aspects

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