Forecasts for Week 47 (and a little of Week 48) of 2015

Forecasts for Week 47 (and a little of Week 48) of 2015

Note: this is a copy and paste from the front page of the sibling blog, Grand Trines.

I am taking some time off from writing daily forecasts.  I am not sure how long, from a few days to possibly as long as through the end of the year.  I will continue to reblog content of other astrologers on the posts page, and will have daily posting of aspects on the sibling to this site, Mystic Rectangles.  I may drop in from time to time and write select articles and forecasts, but not regular ones.  For most people, the daily aspects (and weekly ones, listed below) along with interpretations of others should cover most events fairly well.  Again, on select occasions, I will “fill in the gaps.”

2015-11 Week 47 SunOut All Aspects

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That, said, let’s talk a bit about Week 47.  Sunday is primarily colored by higher ordered aspects, which mean that we are dealing with subtle and sometimes sensitive issues.  Monday is the same, except that Mercury is BiQuintile Uranus, and this is very good for creative problem solving.  We could see a breakthrough on Monday (November 16th) in the hunt for the terrorists, and their support system, who conducted the attacks on Paris.  Tuesday, November 17th, Sun conjoins Mercury, and this day is another turning point similar to other ones we have discussed previously (September 17th, October 11th).  As an aside, look back on your notes for September 30th of this year.  Did you have an important project at that time that may have been postponed but that you might need to revisit now?  If so, follow your intuition on that.  This is the time to take one or maybe two of those old Mercury Retrograde projects from late September / early October and breath life into them.  Time to launch.

Wednesday seems almost eerily quiet EXCEPT that Neptune goes direct.  One of my teachers claimed that some people enter / leave hospitals at this time.  A shift in health, healthcare, dreams, intuitions, drugs, alcohol or illusions of some kind happens at this time (or the day after).  Wednesday the 18th does also contain a Mystic Rectangle, so the possibility exists for important insights and possibly important opportunities.  Keep your eyes open to be able to seize these.

Thursday, the waxing Moon squares Sun / Mercury, and we see an increasing intensity that will lead to a Full Moon on November 25th (the day before Saturn squares Neptune).  Among other things, Saturn is restrictions and authority, and, among other things, Neptune is religion (drugs, alcohol, and religion, “the opiate of the masses“).  The perfection of this large, outer planet square is the first in a series of three (the other two happening in 2016).  Conflicts between authority such as government (e.g. Saturn) and religious extremists (e.g. Neptune) are almost to be expected with Saturn / Neptune squares in play.

Friday, Mercury changes signs (moving into Sagittarius, on its way to join Saturn next week), and Venus (Libra) squares Pluto (Capricorn).  If you are in a romantic relationship, then Friday is a great night for sex.  If you are not, then you may feel a different kind of intensity in your personal relationships.   Saturday, Moon moves into Aries and Mercury quintiles Jupiter (also good for creativity) and Mercury sesquiquadrates Uranus (perhaps annoying, but if you pay attention you can gain important insights).  The Sun’s semisquare to Pluto provides a sense of either urgency or annoyance on both Friday and Saturday (it perfects early on Saturday in the U.S.).  Even though perfection is on the 26th, you are already feeling this and have been feeling it for weeks if not months.  Notably, this is also the clash between realism and ideology, and questions of whether or not that lead zeppelin (Led Zeppelin) can fly or not remain open.  (See, also: One account of how the new band’s name was chosen held that Moon and Entwistle had suggested that a supergroup with Page and Beck would go down like a “lead balloon“, an idiom for disastrous results.[)

As far as patterns go, most are forming and affecting Week 48, and we see a series of Yods beginning November 20th and continuing through November 25th.  It is a period of decisions, and given the other aspects these are critically important turning points.  Again, you may see this better in hindsight, so keep notes that you can review later.  The 21st through the 29th have a series of Thor’s Hammers patterns, so we see a potential for danger and violence.  The 23rd has a Double Yod Key (DYK), so you may face MANY important decisions on this day.  The 24th contains a Focused Yod.  You will have to make a decision, but you can accomplish much if you focus your energies behind that decision and finish what needs to be finished.

Most of the 25th (Full Moon day) and some of the 26th has a kite, so a window of opportunity is hidden in these difficult times for those who can see it.  However, that same day contains a Hard Rectangle, so you may have to work for your advantage, overcome some kind of adversity, or deal with a dangerous or angry person to reap the benefit that can be had.  A Rosetta also means that you may have to form short-term alliances today to get done what you have to get done.  Since these can become treacherous later, be careful what you say and do in these allegiances.  Finally, the 28th has a Square Key, and you may find that, based on what you chose to do earlier this week, you will be learning some “lessons.”

2015-11 Week 48 SunOut All Aspects

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To be frank, next week (Week 48) (the week of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States) is VERY intense, so get done all that you can this week (Week 47).  Next week you will need to be ready to “rock and roll” with multiple aspects and patterns in play as well as both the Full Moon and the (first) perfection of Saturn square Neptune!

Forecasts for Week 47 (and a little of Week 48) of 2015