Sunday, October 25, 2015: Venus Conjunct Jupiter (and more!)

Sunday is another rough and tumble kind of day.  With Moon in Aries, fire signs tend to have SOME advantage.  Venus Conjunct Jupiter, third in the series, favors everyone but particularly earth signs and particularly Virgo in that group.  This is your day to buy a lotto ticket Virgo.  That may be more true metaphorically than literally, but you may have some special window available today.

Some rough spots are present.  Mercury (Libra) quincunx Chiron (Pisces) and Opposite Uranus (Aries) creates a state of panic for students who have assignments coming due and possible emerging healthcare issues for some people (particularly elderly and disabled).  As is always true, you must evaluate how the mix of aspects applies to your personal situation.  (See, also, this analysis.)

But, finish what you can today, for tomorrow you may not want to work (or be able to work) due to Moon v/c.

Sunday, October 25, 2015: Venus Conjunct Jupiter (and more!)

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