October 24th: Water Signs Prosper

October 24th: Water Signs Prosper

Earth signs had Monday.  Air signs had Wednesday.  Water signs have today.  Moon is in Pisces and opposes Venus, Jupiter, and Mars (in that order).  This might feel, at times, a little rough to water signs, but this is the kind of roughness that helps you make decisions, act on them, and get things done.  For the rest of us, the watery Piscean Moon makes this Saturday best used as a playday.  And, it can be just that.  (Avoid using it as a workday, if you can, unless you are a poet or musician or some similar kind of artist.)

Do note that this day is sandwiched between Friday (yesterday) and Sunday (tomorrow), and that both of those days have multiple major aspects.  You may feel some pressure from those (especially if you have health issues or academic assignments due).

October 24th: Water Signs Prosper

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