Friday, October 16th: Venus Opposes Neptune

This can be a very good day or a very bad day.  The outcome depends on what you wish to do with it.  Moon enters Sagittarius fairly early (about 5 AM CDT; 6 AM EDT; 3 AM PDT; adjust for your time zone), and we receive a reprieve from the void Scorpio Moon (which is great for FINDING things but sheer hell if you lost (misplaced) something during that period).

We hope you used Thursday for routine chores, introspection, and housecleaning because this Friday is a “party day”.  It is terrible for most major purchases (except possibly art), signing contracts, and pouring concrete.  Things done today tend to not last.  But it is GREAT for romance, especially if you are in a committed relationship.  (Otherwise, do not expect it to last if it is new.  Take photographs and notes and just “have a good time.”)  Try not to take anything too seriously today if you can avoid it.

If you are a “creative,” this is your time to write, make music, shoot photography or video, or do whatever your art may be.

Friday, October 16th: Venus Opposes Neptune

6 thoughts on “Friday, October 16th: Venus Opposes Neptune

  1. “and pouring concrete” this is incredibly apt. note to self :”don’t take a jackhammer to their floor. don’t take a jackhammer to their floor” repeat three times.


      1. I’m house sitting for friends whose concrete floor I did pinterest fail blog style last year. she’s a blogger and I’d taken a picture of food because it’s what you’re supposed to do in a foodie kitchen..I thought to include her blog but when I went to the page I saw what she wrote about the horror story. it gave a pause ,old hook style, but quickly became “hmm, 30 points to hufflepuff” instead of old patterns. but still…”30 points to hufflepuff!” cause no.

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