What follows the Blood Moon (and the Larger Context)

What follows the Blood Moon will be a two week period of “clearing out” what needs to be gone.  This is a time to clear out old patterns and people to make room for new growth starting with the next new moon.  While this is true for every period following a full moon, the patterns and signs indicate that this is a time for Big Shifts.  And, since the Sun will soon enter the Via Combusta, for some this clearing out period may take a few weeks longer, into the first half of Scorpio.  That marks Samhain (the astrological version of Samhain, the November 7/8th original version) as the turning point for some.

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BIG shifts are possible at this time.  But, please keep in mind the larger context, particularly that Mercury is Retrograde.  That means you can prepare to re-launch old projects that did not work in the past.  Now, you might have a window to make things work if you are careful to “cross every T and dot every I.”

The Larger ContextThursday, September 17th has arrived and now passed, Jupiter opposite Neptune has perfected, and Mercury has stationed Retrograde.  Dreams and dreaming become important at this time.  Keep a journal if you can and pay attention to the messages that are coming to you.  They may provide a glimpse of your future that you cannot see any other way.  And, one day, you may look back upon your writings as being particularly important.

What follows the Blood Moon (and the Larger Context)

A Blood Moon Interpretation (9/27)

Our interpretation:

If we see any issues from this eclipse, we suspect that they will deal with decisions that involve higher order aspects (a 5th Harmonic pattern and a 7th Harmonic pattern).  A decision appears to be present: whether to stick with tradition (Vesta, doing things the way we have always done them) or taking a risk (Ceres, feast or famine).

Some people will end a relationship at this time (Ceres, the risk of feast or famine) while others will continue with what they know despite some dissatisfaction (Vesta, sticking with what we know).  If you do want out, really want out, then your window of opportunity is in the next two weeks (between perfection of the eclipse and the perfection of the upcoming new moon).

Some have said that the unrest in Syria (arguably a civil war) IS central to the message for all of us at this time.  Chances are good that we will only be able to see that more fully in hindsight.  (Do note the 7th harmonic (karma) pattern similar to a Yod that appears to offer us a decision.)

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A Blood Moon Interpretation (9/27)