Friday September 18th and Saturday September 19th

The Moon is v/c in Scorpio for much of Friday, so it is a day best spent in contemplation, reflection and quiet meditation.  It could be useful for research and writing, just expect a need to re-do that when revelations come later.  (Later?  Yes, as early as the Moon in Sagittarius and as late as after Mercury’s direct station on October 9th.)

We now face Sun trine Ceres on Friday September 18th (feast or famine, depending on your past actions) and Saturday September 19th Hygeia enters Virgo and immediate squares Saturn.  Once again, health and healthcare issues will rise in important and may result in conflict in the courts, possibly with religious organizations.  None of this, though, can come close to the intensity we will feel by Sunday as Mars is sesquiquadrate Pluto on Monday September 21st.

Friday: rest and reflection; possibly research; and feast or famine depending on your past actions

Saturday: Health and healthcare issues come to the forefront

Sunday: preparation for Monday; possibly a feeling of an intense need to “get things done”

Monday: definitely an intense need to “get things done”; potential for accidents or violence

Friday September 18th and Saturday September 19th