September 3rd: Sun Sesquiquadrate Ceres + Rosetta

September 3rd: Sun Sesquiquadrate Ceres + Rosetta

Chances are good you will receive a “wake up call” either on, or near, Thursday, September 3 when Sun is Sesquiquadrate Ceres.  A Rosetta pattern on September 3rd causes many who experience a sense of panic from Sun SSQ Ceres to form temporary and unstable alliances that may prove to be treacherous.  Even worse is the Sun quincunx Vesta on September 4th (Friday) which misleads us regarding ideas we might have about traditions or “unusual customs.”  We may think “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” will work, but it will not.  Tradition ultimately fails us, and Jupiter SSQ Uranus gives us “surprises” and “upsets” and both big winners (unconventional approaches) and big losers (doing things we way we have always done them).

September 3rd: Sun Sesquiquadrate Ceres + Rosetta

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