Sun Opposite Neptune 2015-08-31

The Full Moon of August 29th has perfected and the moon is now waning.  Sellers have an advantage over buyers, Virgo planets increase their influence, and Sun Opposite Neptune on August 31st clearing away what the Full Moon did not.   If you are a “creative,” then you might can develop some good work (poetry, music, photos, video, etc.), but for everyone else this day is best spent as “down time.”  For most of the week and moving forward, school is in session (both literally and metaphorically), and the time has now come to start working in a manner that is diligent and persistent.  While we do still have important moments of creativity, what wins now is doing what it takes to get the job done.

A square key on that date on August 31st will also provide parting lessons about our recent experiences as we move into September and more fully into the school year.  Pay attention.  You will need what you learn.

Sun Opposite Neptune 2015-08-31

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