Update for August 27, 2015

[Note: we will just post the updates most of the time and only the full page once or twice a month (or less).]

We hope you noted, and seized, the opportunity you saw Wednesday.  “Things” become more intense on Thursday, August 27th, and by Friday, August 28th, both a hard rectangle is present and Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus perfects.  You can accomplish much at that time as long you make certain you do not lose your temper and do something inappropriate due to a rash decision.  (Again, Europe and UK (and some people in the U.S.) will feel this on August 27th.)  Even if you engage in a dispute, be focused and disciplined in your efforts; avoid impulsive decisions.  This is a better day for follow through and “getting things done” before the Full Moon of August 29th perfects than it is for starting something new.  And, if you run into a “wall” where you cannot “get things done,” then maybe it is time to cut your losses and expend your efforts elsewhere.

After the FM, “things” become different, with Sun Opposite Neptune on August 31st clearing away what the Full Moon does not.  A square key on that date will also provide parting lessons about this period as we move into September and more fully into the school year.  If you are a “creative,” then you might can develop some good work (poetry, music, photos, video, etc.), but for everyone else this day is best spent as “down time.”

Update for August 27, 2015

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